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Why I switched from Mac to PC

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Switching from Mac to Windows has been a strange transition for me but one that I will be continuing with.

As a bit of context I use Windows for my day job and have gotten used to having my workspace organised to optimise productivity. This is something that I never had with my Apple Mac. I would always log into my Mac and throw up a few desktop spaces that I could easily switch between but nothing was ever fixed.

Don't get me wrong I love the Mac ecosystem everything just works smoothly and for design I can't fault it. The accessories are great which is why I found it so difficult to switch. Not so much the keyboard and mouse but I really do miss the Magic Trackpad. There's just something about switching between Windows with a simple gesture that just feels right.

So you're probably asking yourself why I switched if I had all these great benefits. The honest answer is I find myself doing more and more data intensive tasks which require me to use Windows. I've just gotten so used to how I've organised my workspace I find it hard to go back so much so that I recently invested in the Lenovo YOGA C640 (see below) two in one and I LOVE it! The portability is fantastic for those days where I don't want to sit at my desk for hours and the touchscreen and added stylus make for great companions when I'm working on my design.

Lenovo YOGA C640

What's next?

Well a couple of months back I decided that in 2021 I would be investing in an Apple desktop of some sort and although the new M1 Mac Mini does seem tempting, I am now looking to build my own custom PC and I totally blame Instagram for this! I'm currently in the process of building my custom keyboard, I have some new keycaps on the way. I want to tailor my experience as much as I can. The Logitech MX Master is next on the list as my Microsoft Designer Mouse just doesn't cut it anymore.

Switching to Windows has made my life so much easier but that being said my MacBook Pro will still be sitting on my desk, ready for action at any time.

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